SludgeHammer Wastewater Treatment Systems

Nate Geetings, owner of The Pumping Service LLC, is Northwestern Michigan’s certified SludgeHammerTM Wastewater Treatment System dealer and installer.

What’s a SludgeHammer Wastewater Treatment System? Developed by the SludgeHammer Group Ltd., these treatment systems provide safe and effective microbial biotechnology to already-existing septic systems, helping to produce high-quality effluent that eliminates biomat buildup in drain fields.

Who needs a SludgeHammer Wastewater Treatment System? Anyone with a septic system, residential or commercial! We HIGHLY recommend the installation of this technology to boost your septic system’s performance and keep it running smoothly for a lifetime.

What’s involved? Design, installation and maintenance. With each SludgeHammer Wastewater Treatment System, we design them to integrate into your existing (or newly-installed) septic system. Installation and testing time varies, but typically takes a few days at most. After that, we develop a regular maintenance schedule that includes cleaning filters, recharging bacteria, checking system functionality and water sampling as needed.

How do you get one? Contact Nate at The Pumping Service LLC for more information. 231.882.9848

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